T Shirt Money

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    nothing single
    T-shirt money
    tuning ebgdae, chunky distortion
    (number of reps of chords not given, jsut examples)
     this is t shirt money the bside for Nothing its wicked,
    there’s a solo in the middle where i just
    mess about with wah and notes from the chords
    intro/verse  repeat part one, then two.
    parts two and three are the chords repeat a bunch of times.
    stuck half up.....
    repeat all of this twice, and then there is the solo,
    which is just Wah, with notes from the
    chord progression, but to make it sound
    really good, make the solo your own.
    You then have the stuck half up progression for
    aaaaggggeeess, and for the and i dont know what to
    say, i cant change it anyway bit, use the same prog
     for the stuck half up but with a different
    strum pattern. well thats it, have fun.
    By [::charlie::]
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