Rest Of The Day Off

  • Автор: Finn Neil
  • Текст песни:
    ?Rest Of The Day Off? by Neil Finn
    from his album ?One Nil?
    Tabbed by M. Jones (mrkj@another.com)
    D	D	A	G   *2
    Verse One:
    D	D			A
    Totally wired and the game is up
    I?m under the table
    You carry my heart in the palm of your hand
           A			   G
    As the clouds roll in, the party was rained out
    Open up to find a man made home
           A	                 G
    And by four o?clock when the sun came out
    We were beside ourselves
    Chorus 1:
    Taking the rest of the day off
    Lying out the back
    Slung in a hammock
    D			 F			G
    Gathering reams of space and time
    Verse 2:
    D	D	A	G
    D	D
    Two eyes that surrender
    The call might come
    G			D
    Fire my anger and spoil the whole thing
    It?s not much fun when the pressures on
    And your luck has gone
    But you squeeze my hand
    Chorus 2:
    We?re taking the rest of the day off
    We like to climb the rock
    Before we have lunch
              D				  F
    And we?ll turn our backs on the whole damn bunch
    Middle 8 (repeat this phrase * 3)
    A	G	F	F
    Ah ah ah ah
    Verse 3:
    D	D			     A
    You?ll find the answer walking the dog
       G			     D
    Down the south of Piha, it?s over and done
    Not a lot to say when the man calls up
        G					D
    The line goes dead and you?re yesterdays news
    I couldn?t care less now I?m here with you
    We?re the only ones left and we?re flat on our backs
    Chorus 3:
    G			     D
    Taking the rest of the day off
    And you find it don?t add up to much
    When you?re wrapped in a blanket of stars
    	   F				G    D
    With the one you love 		yeah yeah
             F                    G    D
    Like two shiny dogs           yeah yeah
             F				G    D
    With the one you love         yeah yeah
    D (to fade)
    Check out Neil?s web site http://www.nilfun.net
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