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    A1 Tomorrow.
    Tabbed by Andrea Richards feisty_2k@hotmail.com.
    Verse 1
    Db               Ab   
      We used to say,   everyday
    Bbm         Db              
      We would always be this way
    F#         Db          Ab      
      Flying angels lifting high
    Repeat chords
    To reach the sun, where I belong
    Girl you know you are the one
    Above the clouds I see you cry
    Bridge 1
    F#                        Bbm                  Ab     
      You know that when you smile you stop the rain
    F#                 Bbm              Ab
      and we will be together once again
                 Db   Ab   Bbm       Db
    Although i’m gone,   remember me
               F#   Db        Ab
    Please be strong,    I’ll never leave
              Db  Ab        Bbm       Db  
    Just hold on     to the memories
    coz while i’m here
             Ab               F#-Ab-Db
    all i’m thinking about is tomorrow
    Verse 2 (as verse 1)
    I’ve always known, the love you’ve shown
    means you’ll never be alone
    there’ll be times you wonder why
    Coz seeing you, with someone new
    used to make me feel so blue
    but i’m with you all the time
    Bridge 1 (as before
    Bridge 2
    F                        Bbm        
      From the moment that I looked into your eyes
              F#                                 Ab 
    All of my life I though I’d be there by your side
    F                             Bbm               F# 
      I wish I’d took the time to find the words to say
    Bridge 1 (as before)
    Chorus (as before)
                  F#           Ab                F#-Ab-Db
    coz while I’m here all i’m thinking about is tomorrow 
    This is in the same key as the original! 
    :: Ultimate Guitar Archive :: 
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