Good Hearted Woman

  • Автор: Nelson Willie
  • Текст песни:
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    Subject: Jennings, Waylon/Nelson, Willie: Good Hearted Woman
    This sounds good strummed with the bass notes alternating between the root
    and the fifth - the basic C/W style.
    -------------------cut here-------------------
    Good Hearted Woman
    Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson
      D                                        D7          G
    A long time forgotten are dreams that just fell by the way
        A7                                              D
    The good life he promised ain’t what she’s living today
    D                                           D7              G
    But she never complains of the bad times or bad things he’s done, Lord
             A7                                                               D
    She just talks about the good times they’ve had and all the good times to
    D                                         D7          G
    She’s a good-hearted woman in love with a good-timin’ man
        A7                                                 D
    She loves him in spite of his ways that she don’t understand
    D                                                         D7            G
    Through teardrops and laughter, they’ll pass through this world hand-in-hand,
      A7                                        D
    A good-hearted woman loving her good timing man
    He like the night life, the bright lights and good-timin’ friends
    When the party’s all over she’ll welcome him back home again
    Lord knows she don’t understand him, but she does the best that she can
    ’Cause she’s a good-hearted woman; she loves her good timin’ man
    [optional: CHORUS up one key, to end]
    -------------------cut here-------------------
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