My Heros Have Always Been Cowboys

  • Автор: Nelson Willie
  • Текст песни:
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    My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
    performed by Willie Nelson
    A true classic
    1. I grew up dreaming of being a cowboy
    2. Cowboys are special with their own brand of misery
           G                 D
    1. And loving the cowboy ways.
    2. From being alone too long.
    1. Pursuing the life of my high riding heroes
    2. You could die from the cold in the arms of a nightmare
         E7                                 A7
    1. I   burned   up   my    childhood    days.
    2. Knowing well that your best days are gone
    1. I learned all the rules of a moder day drifter
    2. Picking up hookers instead of my pen
                 G                      D
    1. DonUt you hold on to nothing too long
    2. I let the words of my youth fade away.
            G                           D            G
    1. Just take what you need from the ladies and   leave them
    2.      Old worn out saddles and    old worm out memories
                D          A7          D
    1. With the words of a sad country song.
    2.     With no one and no place to stay.
       G                       D
    My heroes have always been cowboys
    E7                    A7
    And they still are it seems
    G                      D           G
    Sadly in search of and one step in back of
        D                A7          D
    Themselves and their slow moving dreams.
    This song is in 3/4 time. It sounds best if you hit the bass note of the
    chord on the first beat of each measure. You might want to put in some bass
    runs like A-B-C#-D between A and D chords where it sounds right.
    If you want to talk country guitar with me, or if my notation makes no
    feel free to e-mail me.
    Greg Vaughn                           Graduate Student
    Pulsed Power Group                    Insulator Lab
    Department of Physics                 Texas Tech University
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