Eleven Years

  • Автор: New Model Army
  • Текст песни:
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    Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 11:51:45 +0200
    From: J?rgen Bohn 
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    @Song-Name: eleven_years.crd
    @Artist-Name:  New Model Army
    @Transcribers-Name: Juergen Bohn
    Eleven Years / New Model Army (Impurity)
    |: F  G :|
    [Verse 1]
    F                                         G
    Stevie said now don’t look round they’re watching us
         F                          G
    Two girls in the corner of that dodgy club
            F                              G
    And the grey eyes, the storm that I’ve come to know and wish for
    Before I caught a breath
    Well she was standing there
       F                                   G
    We walked the streets of our town just talking
            F                                        F
    And the dawn broke grey and freezing through the deserted blocks
         F                                   G
    Just when your life is stale and there’s reason there for everything
    F                              G
    Something comes to kick you up inside
     Dm          C            G
    Eleven sweet years and no nearer home
      Dm                C                  G
    A hundred thousands miles through this battle zone
          Dm          C    G                G
    Still high on the wire above the hollow darkness
           F           F
    Trying not to look down...
    [Verse 2]
    No Rest for the wicked is still how it goes
    Twisted up and turning my bed alone
    And separation pains like a blunted amputation
    Pushing endless coms in the telephone
    Eleven sweet years and no nearer home...
    So rest
    C                       Bb
     In these open arms and cry
    C                        Bb
     Until they come for you and tell
    Dm                                  C
     And tell me everything that you’ve ever felt
    C                       G
     Tell me everything you want to see
    |: F  G :|
    [Verse 3]
    Forever running even when we are standing still
    Driven on and fired up as the whirlwinds blow
    And shouting out inside
    I’m proud of you, I’m proud of you
    Ten thousand footsteps echo down the Brixton Road
    Eleven sweet years and no nearer home...
    ? New Model Army. All rights reserved.
    Chords for guitar by Juergen Bohn,
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