From Blown Speakers

  • Автор: New Pornographers
  • Текст песни:
    New Pornographers- From Blown Speakers
    Intro: G
    Verse 1
    G                 Dm    F           G                     Eb
    When the con-tact high from the real life adventures wear off,
          Ab   Bb          Eb           Dm            G         Dm              G
    you - find- in the tiny moments that bomb you old files- rain down- from the sky
    Verse 2
    G                   Dm     F            G                  Eb         Ab 
    And would they -fall- down, like cymbal crashes would the alarm -bell- sound?
    Bb           Eb          Dm           G         Dm          G
    Would your eyelashes keep all- this in time?- if not- I wont mind...
    G           C        F G
    It can be impractical    (x2)
    Verse 3
    G                 Dm  F         G             Eb            Ab     Bb 
    So can you- tell- me- why every version of the events- shown- here- there’s
           Eb           Dm              G           Dm              G
    another season that crawls- by like years- from blown- speakers clear?
    Chorus 2
    G           C       F G
    It came out magical     (x2)
    Verse 4
    G               Dm    F           G                  Eb        Ab     Bb 
    Just a con-tact- high one in every mood I’ve ever declined- to- fight- one
             Eb      Dm                 G          Dm              G
    in every single exchange- you might find- from blown- speakers time
    Chorus 3
    G           C      F G       C        F              G
    It came out magical    (x2)  Magical..out from blown speakers (x8)
    Dm F C
    -Tabbed by John Baer
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