Has Anyone Written Anything For You

  • Автор: Nicks Stevie
  • Текст песни:
    (Bb)Has (Gm)anyone ever written anything (Eb)for you(Gm)(F)
    In (Bb)all your darkest hours(Gm)
    Have you ever heard me sing(Eb) (Gm)
    (F)Listen to me now(Eb)
    (F)You know I’d rather be alone(Ebmaj7)
    Than be with(F)out you
    Don’t you know(Eb) (F) (Bb)
    Has (Gm)anyone ever given anything to you(Eb) (F)
    (Bb)In your darkest hours
    (Gm)Did you ever give it back(Eb) (F)
    Well, (Eb)I have
    (F)I have given that to you(Eb)
    (F)If it’s all I ever do(Eb)
    (F)This is (Bb)your song 
    Gm  Ebmaj7  F  
    (Gm)And the rain comes down(Cm)
    There’s no pain and there’s no doubt(Cm7)
    (Gm)It was easy to say
    (Cm)I believed in you every(Dm7)day
    If not (Eb)for me
    Then (Dm7)do it (G)for the (C)world
    Has (Am)anyone ever written anything for you(Fmaj7)  (G)
    In (C)your darkest hour (Am)
    Did you ever hear me sing(Fmaj7)
    (G)Listen to me now(F)
    (G)You know I’d rather be alone(Fmaj7)
    Than be with(G)out you
    Don’t you know(Fmaj7)
    So, if not for me, then
    Do it for yourself
    If not for me then
    Do it for the world
    Poet...priest of nothing
    Poet...priest of nothing
    Fmaj7: 1x2210 or x03210
    Dm7: xx0211 or x57565
    Ebmaj7: x01333 or x79897
    Cm7: x35343
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