Loves A Hard Game To Play

  • Автор: Nicks Stevie
  • Текст песни:
    The acoustic is a 12 string and the actual B and A chords that are opened and played on the record like this:
    B (x99800) A (x77600)
    (VERSE):(E)Wake up my sweet (A)child
    There’s (B)something I’ve got to (A)say to you tonight(E)
    (A) (B) (A) It’s time you(E) took a look(A) at me
    Cause there’s (B)so much more to me(A)
    Than meets the eye(E)  (A)  (B)
    (A)Well, there’s (B)more to love than makin’ time
    The (A)harder you look the more you’ll find
    It’s (B)never easy no matter what they (A)say
    Love’s a hard (E)game to play(B) (A)
    The (B)heart’s the price you pay(A)
    Love’s a hard (E)game to play(B) (A)
    No (B)matter what they say (A)
    (B)Win or lose, no matter what they say(A)
    Love’s a hard (E)game to play (A) (B) (A)
    (VERSE):The problem here is not my fear
    The trouble is you can’t convince yourself
    For tonight, let’s lose the past
    Make love last
    Put our worries up on the shelf
    We’ve been through thick and thin, and back again
    And we can endure love’s sweet pain
    Remember, starting the fire is easy
    The hardest part is learning how to keep the flame
    Love’s like walking a real fine line
    You get too close and you’ll go blind
    Let go too long and it will all drift away
    (Repeat Chorus):
    (BRIDGE):(E)Just when I feel like I’m (F#m)losin’ you
    I (G#m)hear them voices call(A)
    They (E)say it’s better to have (F#m)lost at love
    Than (G#m)never to have loved at all(A)
    Lose or win, stand or fall
    Well, there’s more to love than makin’ time
    The harder you look, the more you’ll find
    It’s never easy, no matter what they say
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